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Pets. People. Practice.

Everything that we do at P3 Veterinary Partners is grounded in our focus on Pets, People, and Practice. With an unwavering commitment to these three 'P's,' we strive to provide the best veterinary health care in the best hospital environments across Canada.

Our Philosophy

By definition, philosophy is "the most basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes of an individual or group." Our logo evolved from our core belief that pets, people and practice are interconnected. 

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Empowering Veterinarian Teams

Our Approach

We work diligently to maintain the strong reputations and individual brands of our hospitals – encouraging them to be the best versions of themselves. 

The P3 Team has deep roots and experience in the Canadian veterinary industry, understands the dynamic nature of patient care, provides solid management support and has a transparent communication style that you can trust.

Our Process

Empowering Veterinary Teams

P3 is an innovative Canadian veterinary practice group. Our mission is to empower veterinary teams to live their passion and focus on unparalleled care for pets and the people who love them.

Through our group of hospitals, P3 strives to be the best place to work in veterinary health care. We feel privileged to serve veterinary teams, and offer a variety of exit strategies for practice owners who are looking for a change and care about their legacy. 

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Pets. People. Practice. That's Us.