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Smuck survives a 'hit and run' to become a beloved member of the team at Whites Road Animal Hospital in Pickering

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A good deed brings Smuck, a delightful domestic short haired cat, back to life after a tragic road accident leaves her with multiple injuries.

  • My heart broke when I arrived at work that morning. This poor little cat was so damaged. But, at the same time, I was so grateful that someone took the time to bring her to us. Now, she is part of our family. We love her and can't imagine her not being here every day!
    - Receptionist, Whites Road Animal Hospital


Domestic Short Haired Cat


Pickering, Ontario

They found Smuck just in time to save her.

At 7:30am one morning, the receptionist at our Pickering, Ontario veterinary hospital arrived to find a cat left on the ground outside the front door of our hospital.

The cat – who was later named Smuck – was severely injured. She had a fractured jaw, prolapsed eye, several broken bones, and she was in a lot of pain.

The veterinary team quickly went to work doing what they do best – saving lives. Smuck wasn't microchipped at the time, so they were able to take her to surgery to help save her, and they succeeded.

Smuck, who is now 'one-eyed', greets everyone as they come into reception. Sometimes the staff thinks that their clients like her more than the rest of the team!

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