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Grey Bruce Pet Hospital shares an inspiring story of reunification!

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Reunited after being missing for one year! The entire team at Grey Bruce Pet Hospital had goosebumps when they called the original owners and heard the story of Shenzie.

  • Both the owner and I were holding back tears in the exam room that’s for sure! It was a special moment.
    - Jodi Morton RVT, Grey Bruce Veterinary Hospital


Domestic long-hair cat

This guy!

Owen Sound, Ontario

They thought they would never see their sweet cat again!

This is Shenzie, she went missing from her home in March 2018 just prior to her owners moving. They searched for weeks and months trying to find her, calling neighbours, shelters and surrounding clinics. After a while they started to believe she was not coming home.

Fast forward one year later - we had someone bring this beautiful, long haired cat into the clinic. She had been hanging around their house for the past 2 months. It turned out this kitty had a microchip! After some searching and lots of phone calls we were able to locate Shenzie’s previous family who were so thankful.

It was so heartwarming to see the nervous little girl quickly open up and start purring and rubbing against her owner after not seeing each other for over one year.

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