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Are you thinking about scaling back, or retiring, and want to ensure a smooth transition for your team and clients? Are you an early career vet looking for a co-ownership partner? P3 has a partnership model that will give you financial security and peace of mind that your practice and team will be well-managed.

Late Career Partnership Opportunities, P3

Late Career Transitions

Are you ready to slow down a bit, but worry about if, when or how your team may be able to transition? Or maybe you're thinking ahead to the time when you will be ready to sell a portion or all of your practice.

We invite you to talk to the P3 team about the possibilities. There are no strings attached. We, like you, want to find the right fit – and we honour that you've spent your career building a practice that is an integral part of your community.


Mid-Career Considerations

You're an excellent veterinarian and have built a successful business, and you are looking to simplify your life. What you want to do is care for patients, achieve an ideal work/life balance, and generate an income to support your family's lifestyle. Or, maybe you're ready to start planning for retirement and would like to make the right decisions today to ensure your future financial security.

We will explore options with you to make this happen.


Partnership Opportunities For Mid-Career
Partnership Opportunities For Early Career

Early Career Opportunities

You’re on your game as a clinician and you want more. Partnering with P3 as a co-owner will give you the best of both worlds. As Medical Director, you lead your hospital’s health care team, with both clinical support, alongside administrative leadership from us.


Partners, That's What We Are!

Whether you are looking to sell all or a part of your business, let's work together.

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