About joining the P3 family
About partnering with P3

About joining the P3 family

Our compensation packages include a competitive salary; comprehensive medical, dental, vision, and professional services benefits; payment of professional dues; vacation and paid personal emergency days; a pet care discount (including friends and family); a uniform allowance; a relocation budget; and paid time off to attend continuing education.

Yes. Many current P3 team members have elected to relocate to advance their careers and secure the roles they are in now. We are happy to help with moving expenses for out-of-town candidates!

Yes. Each of our hospitals has different patient care and client needs, and we do our best to ensure everyone has a schedule that works for them. We offer part-time and full-time schedules.

Yes. We have a comprehensive mentorship program for veterinarians at each stage of their career and a medical advisory board to support this program.

No. You will be empowered to practice your style of medicine and use your clinical intuition. We encourage our veterinary teams at each hospital to collaborate and determine a common approach, while at the same time recognizing that one size does not fit all.

A personal touch and customized treatment plan for each patient are the cornerstone of P3’s medical model. We are determined to offer the best possible medical, surgical, and preventive care, so while we do recommend gold standard medicine, we don’t have a “medical playbook.”

Absolutely! Transfers and/or working holidays are encouraged. P3 team members with a strong professional reputation and a demonstrated history of providing gold standard patient care are favoured in any P3 hiring opportunity. If you’re searching for a partnership opportunity or a position as a medical director, practice manager, or lead RVT and one isn’t available in your immediate area, consider other P3 locations and receive priority status!

Absolutely! P3 offers associates with a strong performance record the opportunity to buy in and partner with P3 to begin building additional equity. With P3’s home office providing support with payroll, IT, finance, marketing, and other administrative tasks, the dream of ownership is more attainable than ever, and you won’t have to compromise your work-life balance.

About partnering with P3

We partner with companion animal hospitals: primary care, emergency, and referral practices.

Yes. Let’s talk and customize a plan.

Contact us to discuss partnership opportunities.

We understand you have spent years building a team and a practice. We perform a detailed valuation to understand your business, and our process is focused on your goals. For more information on this process, please contact our team.

Contact us to start a discussion.

The total time from when we first meet to closing is quite variable. We work to accommodate your schedule.

Contact us to learn more about our transaction process.

Your people have been a big part of the success of your hospital. We are committed to their ongoing contributions as P3 team members.

No, we do not. We believe that legacy is important, and we think that your hospital is an integral part of your community. We maintain and build on your hospital’s reputation and brand.

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We are interested in community-based practices in both urban and rural settings. We have locations across Canada.

Practices we consider for purchase should have two full-time equivalent veterinarians or the capacity to scale to this size.

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