Refer. Earn. Enjoy.
Referral Rewards

We are striving to support all of our hospital staffing needs by hiring great Veterinarians, RVTs, and Regional Operations Managers and believe you can assist by making connections through our Referral Rewards program, earning recognition yourself.

Why? Because great people know great people!

How the p3 referral rewards program works

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Earn a $5,000 referral bonus for each referred Veterinarian and Regional Operations Manager that is hired and successfully completes their 3-month probationary program.

The award for a similarly referred RVT is $2,500


Anyone is eligible to earn this reward!

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Refer a friend!

If you wish to refer a friend, please submit their contact information (name and personal phone or email) and the position of interest.



YES! Anyone can take advantage of our Referral Rewards! If you help us recruit a Veterinarian, RVT, or Regional Operations Manager, you can earn big!

Referral submissions do not expire. If the referred Veterinarian or RVT successfully completes their 3-month probationary period at any P3 Hospital in the future, you will be eligible for the Referral Reward.

No. To secure referral eligibility, their personal email or telephone number must be provided.

No. Candidates with previous contact in the P3 hiring process will be ineligible for Referral Rewards.

No. If you would like to submit an anonymous referral, P3’s recruiting team will refer to you as a “network contact” during conversations with a potential candidate.

No. Refer, earn, and enjoy an unlimited number of Referral Rewards.

If you are an employee, the referral bonus will be paid through normal payroll processing. The recruiting team team will inform payroll when appropriate.

If you are not an employee, a payment will occur through EFT or cheque.