The P3

Dr. Nicole Judge is an accomplished Canadian veterinarian who has practiced companion animal medicine, worked in industry-leading national teams, and been a leader in both private and group practice environments.

Bruce Campbell spent his early career articling in the owner-managed client group of a Big Four accounting firm. He became convinced that a flexible approach to veterinary practice management would work better than the “corporate” model that he saw developing in Canada.

Together, they founded P3 to improve the Canadian veterinary landscape by creating a different way to transition ownership and support clinical colleagues.

Since their first meeting in 2015

Bruce and Nicole have worked to make a difference with clinical colleagues directly. They have continued building a team of like-minded professionals to make their vision a reality.

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Why Dr. Nicole Judge
co-founded P3

Nicole is a Canadian veterinarian with over 25 years of experience. Having worked in both private practices and corporate ones, Nicole has keen insights into the benefits and challenges of both models. She appreciated the structure and support that larger organizations brought, but she felt a disconnect between the culture of community-based practice and corporate values.

Nicole believed there was a way to combine the efficiencies of corporate practices with the local feel and focus on community and client experience of private practice. She founded P3 to bring this vision to life in Canada.

Why Bruce Campbell
co-founded P3

With over 25 years of experience working with business owners and leaders, Bruce recognized that hospital owners were looking for ways to reduce their administrative burden, simplify their lives, and eventually retire. But there were few good options for them to do so without compromising their legacy, their team’s well-being, and the quality of care. A proven problem solver, Bruce draws on his experience to promote innovation in Canada’s veterinary community.

With the creation of P3, Nicole and Bruce strive to honour the uniqueness of each hospital: how it is tailored to the skills of its teams and the needs of its community. For this reason, they do not believe in a one-size-fits-all model.

With P3, they have successfully developed new ways to support hospitals and structure partnerships.

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