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Stem-cell therapy helps combat hip dysplasia in 3 year old Gus.

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Thanks to the developments and innovation of Stem-cell therapy, Gus no longer suffers from the physical limitations of hip dysplasia and can run and play like all 3 year old dogs should.

  • The advancements in Stem-cell therapy are nothing short of amazing. Being able to save Gus from hip replacement surgery and a life of pain management with NSAIDs, is why I became a veterinarian.
    - Brittany Hale, DVM, Grey Bruce Pet Hospital


Great Pyrenees Mix

Dr. Brittany Hale

Owen Sound, Ontario

We thought Gus might never run again.

While out playing one afternoon, Gus the 3 year old Great Pyrenees Mix, ran into a bush and came up lame on his right hind leg.

Gus was given NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs) but showed only partial response. At that point, Gus' owner and the veterinary team, knew there was something more serious happening.

After weeks of minimal mobility and limping, radiology imaging finally helped diagnose Gus with unilateral hip dysplasia. The team knew they had to do something to save Gus from a life of pain management and a difficult surgery.

Fortunately, the team caring for Gus at Grey Bruce Pet Hospital in Owen Sound, were up to date with the latest in veterinarian medicine, including advancements in Stem-cell therapy, so they decided to give it a try.

Stem-cell therapy is a particularly exciting and innovative way to manage hip dysplasia in young large breed dogs who are considered too old for TPO surgery (Triple Pelvic Osteotomy) and whose only conventional alternatives are hip replacement surgery or life long management on NSAIDs.

The therapy was a success and Gus is able to run and play just as a 3 year old dog should. The hospital also has 8 banked doses which provides reassurance that if and when Gus needs additional treatments or develops arthritis in other joints, the team at Grey Bruce Pet Hospital will be able to use them immediately.

Gus BEFORE undergoing Stem-cell therapy


Gus AFTER undergoing Stem-cell therapy

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